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8 ways to treat yourself without buying or eating anything.

Yup, the title says it right. You CAN reward yourself in ways that don’t involve food or spending money!

I’m so guilty of this guys. I reward myself with food and sweets, mostly junk food, then after I go buy myself a good book and claim that’s my good deed for the day.

These things aren’t good for me, and I always come out of it, with a stomach ache, an aching tooth, a slightly dented bank account and feelings of being less than. So this article is just for me as it is for you.

We all want better for ourselves and if you occasionally reward yourself in not particularly healthy ways, this article is for you.

  1. Take a nap

Sleep is very effective and I bet non of us are getting enough, everyday. Taking naps is has been scientifically proven to aid in physical, mental and emotional well being.

2. Give yourself a mani-pedi

Soak your feet in warm water, some drops of essential oil, exfoliate your feet and hands with a home-made sugar and coffee scrub recipe and slick on a few coats of colour that you love!

3. Read a book

I can’t explain how many times getting lost in a new book excites me. Reading sets the tone for the day and disappearing for a few moments in another story is sometimes just what you need to get through the day.

4. Take a day off work

Rest is very important. Take a day off work to do nothing. Do not runt errands, Do not make a single appointment.

Use the day to do some awesome unproductive things. Sleep in, have a huge breakfast, Netflix, take a long walk, call your friends and gossip. Whatever it is, just do it.

5. Take a bath

Create ambience. Mood lighting, candles, scents, a glass of bubbly. Stay in the tub for so long until your skin wrinkles like a rasin.

6. Movie/Series Marathon

This is a personal favorite. Netflix and chill who doesn’t love that?

I am a series lover so I never start watching something until I know I can finish it. My recent binge, all 30 seasons of Survivor, in 30 days. Yes, I know, (eye roll) I really didn’t get much that month.

7. Listen to your favorite music

My kids go insane when I do this. It is mostly in the car on our way to school and I blast all my good music (usually old hits) and it drives them crazy. But it keeps ME sane!

8. Take a really long walk.

Do this without your phone. Do it with a loved one, a friend or by yourself. Take in the nature and just breathe.

That’s my list! What are your favorite non-buying and non-eating rewards?

You gotta nourish to flourish!


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