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Around Nairobi: Ololua Nature Trail.

Last week I had the pleasure of taking a walk at Ololua Nature Trail in Karen. It’s a place I had heard of many times and I never really got round to going, well, until recently.

Some Facts

  • Ololua Nature Trail is part of the National Museums of Kenya. The reason for this is that it is regarded as not just a forest but a research center.
  • It is home to the Institute of Primate Research (IPR).
  • Ololua is situated about 20km from the city center in the Karen suburbs.
  • Ololua is 250 hectares of indigenous forest
  • The nature trail is a circuit that is a distance of 4.5km
The entrance on Karen Road

The nature trail is wonderful for a lazy and peaceful walk. The trail is mostly unmarked but it’s very easy to find your way. While on the trail I spotted lots of couples lounging on the benches and lazing on picnic mats.

There is a natural cave that was used by Mau Mau fighters back in the day. It is now home to bats and several small mammals.

The cave

The main attraction is the waterfall, which was quite the beauty. It drains into the Mbagathi river. It was so quiet, and serene, all I could here was the sound of the water and birds chirping. Yes! Really!

The waterfall

There are also many picnic sites within the trail, filled with benches, and washrooms. This makes a great place to go with kids or just as a group, and yes definitely as a couple.

Resting spots

There is also a tall wooden tower that was constructed some years back for viewing a Crowned Eagle’s nest that was situated nearby. Scientists used this tower to study the Crowned Eagle’s behaviour in its natural habitat.

Sadly, human activities and settlements close to the forest have resulted in the birds migrating from this haven.

The tower has not been maintained so one cannot attempt to get a good view from up top.

The tower

The charges for the trail are Kshs.200 for adults and Kshs.100 for children. Ololua Nature Trail is open from 9am-6pm every day.

It is definitely worth the visit, take a few friends and enjoy yourself!

I’ll leave you with some more photos of this beautiful forest.

Riverside at one of the picnic sites
Forest canopy
Part of the trail

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