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The Art of Dating Yourself.

Dating is not just a way of spending time with yourself but doing things you love with yourself. This is a self-care concept. Sure we go places by ourselves all the time, like the grocery store or the mall but these are not dates!

Taking yourself on a solo date means doing something fun, thought-provoking, relaxing, and creative and you are doing it all for you and with you only.

I am at a point in my life where I am struggling at the thought of time alone. I have always been surrounded by people, my own family, my children, friends, so really their interests have been my own. This is a pattern I’m trying to break. And I feel the only way would be to get to know myself again. A date is a good way to re-connect with yourself, your interests, and make you fall in love with yourself again!

If you are like me, you spend some time planning dates with your friends, your significant other, but you miss out on the most important person – yourself!

Here is why dating yourself should be a priority;

  • You get time away from the craziness of home/work/life to cherish yourself and enjoy your own company
  • You can complete items off your bucket list
  • You don’t have to compromise with anyone
  • You could try something new
  • You can grow as an individual
  • Dating you means you are showing yourself love

Mastering the art of a “solo date”

  • Dedicate a specific time and day for your date
  • Alternatively, be impromtu!
  • Choose a date idea that fits your mood. Stressed? Go for a walk, go to the spa…
  • Don’t procrastinate. Get it into a habit.

Wondering what to do with yourself? Here are some examples of a SELF DATE.

  • Bookstore and a coffee
  • Take a class, cooking, pottery, whatever you like.
  • Spa day
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Go for a hike
  • Dinner and wine 🙂 You can order out and Netflix binge as you have your evening date night
  • Take yourself to the movies
  • Visit a flea market. Retail therapy is always good!
  • Live acoustics at your local bar/restaurant
  • Solo travel. It doesn’t have to be far, a night away can always recharge your soul
  • Take a long drive, play some feel-good music and go sight-seeing

Taking the time to be with yourself and enjoy your own company is so important I can’t stress this enough.

Self-care is self-love.

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