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32 green flags to look for in your relationship

Everyone warns you about the red flags you should watch out for in a relationship. Well, this article is about the green flags.

Green flags are about the good things, the positive ones, the signs that tell you “hey, this man/woman is good for me”. Green flags are a sign of a healthy (emotionally, mentally) partner which we should all strive to be.

Here is my list of the green flags to look out for:

  • Listens to you talk when you have issues and supports you through them.
  • Stops doing things that make you uncomfortable
  • Compromises when necessary
  • Never puts you down deliberately, especially in public
  • Supports your ambitions and goals
  • Can apologize when they are wrong
  • Their words align with their actions; integrity
  • Prioritizes their fulfillment. This reduces codependency in relationships.
  • Comfortable and confident being alone. Who likes clingy and need people?
  • Strives to live a balanced life
  • Can still show you respect even during or after disagreements and arguments
  • Can hold each other accountable without hurting each other
  • Instead of controlling you, they trust you
  • Can accept your views even though they may have a different view. Value each other’s opinions.
  • Have shared principles, life goals, and value system
  • Non-violent communication and behaviors
  • Admits mistakes and accepts responsibility for behaviors and attitudes
  • Being okay with having different friends and hobbies
  • You feel free and safe to express your feelings
  • You don’t have to “perform” to receive love
  • Welcomes affection and closeness. Experiences true intimacy
  • Brings out your best qualities, not your worst
  • Time apart makes you feel excited to reconnect
  • Able to accept an apology without the endless punishment being thrown back in your face now and again
  • Being able to tell them where you are at without expecting them to read your mind
  • Actively and consciously choose your partner and relationship everyday
  • Making decisions together. The balance of power in a relationship is so important
  • Shows interest in building a future together
  • Enjoy spending quality time together
  • Support your growth and learning of new things
  • They make it 100% clear that they want to be with YOU only
  • They do not threaten the relationship when there are problems

A healthy adult relationship is one where both people in a relationship give and receive. There is a safe and open exchange of ideas, feelings, and thoughts and all perspectives are considered and valued. There is also the freedom to respectfully challenge, confront and strengthen one another.

What are some of the Green flags you look for in a relationship?

I would like to add something small that I learned from a friend who is a therapist a few months ago. I thought it was a good way to know that you are practicing consciousness in relationships.

  • A human being’s role is not to complete another
  • Demands and expectations lead to resentments
  • Your emotional and spiritual health reflects daily on your partner
  • Communication problems are often unhealed trauma
  • A partner who keeps promises to themselves keeps promises to another.
  • The happiest partnerships are two people living as their authentic selves even if that means temporary discomfort along the journey
  • The foundation of love is freedom, respect, and commitment to their highest self

Go to the comment section or on my Instagram page and let me know your green flags and also how YOU are practicing consciousness in your relationships or dating life.

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