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8 Special Date Night Ideas

Now, let me just start by saying I looooooooooove dates. Dates with the hubby, dates with friends, dates with my kids, dates with myself….. I just need to go on dates!

Having little small adventures with those you love or with yourself is something very special. I mention oneself, because, it is important to spend quality time with yourself as it is part of self-care. Head on over to my self-care article to get more information. 

That being said, I wanted to share some date nights and date days, that are a bit away from the norm – you know, movie nights or restaurant style dates. 

So lets get to it. 

1. Take A Dance Class/Lesson

This could make an interesting first date. You know, do some salsa, hip hop dance. There are plenty of places that offer these. Its not only romantic but it gets the good ol’ sexual hormones going so there may be a happy ending to this. That is, if you are not a poor dancer like I am. Oops! 

2. At Home Massage/Spa Day

Nope! Don’t go to the spa. Make your own spa at home. Sweet-smelling candles, beautiful soft sheets, massage oil, some towels, some naked bodies and we are good to go here people! This of course, is advanced dating and not at all recommended for the first date. Well, unless ya’ll are just some freaky people.

With that disclaimer out of the way, couples have to learn each others bodies. Gone are the days of just boom boom pow, we have to dress up, role play, we have to do it in the car and not just the bed. Ok, you get my drift. 

3. Enjoy A Romantic Sunrise/Sunset

Think strawberries, tangerines, raspberries, orange juice, champagne (if you have the money). Kenya does have some beautiful sunrise and sunsets if you care to look. 

4. Take A Cooking Lesson

There are plenty of places that offer couples cooking dates. You could both make some food then have some wine or cocktails after. But if you don’t want to hire a company or go to a physical location, and just want to have the date in the comfort of your own home, don’t let that stop you. You can hire a chef for the night, call in a few couples you know, buy some ingredients (don’t forget the alcohol) and there you are, couples date night. 

5. Volunteer Together

This is not only a good chance to give back to society but an excellent one to see what kind of partner or “prospect” (hahaha) you have. Do they Like Animals? Go to the animal rescue center like KSPCA. Do they enjoy being around kids?  Go to a children’s home.

Trust me on this, the good you do during this date, will be redirected tenfold at the end of the day (wink) 

6. Plan A Theme Night

So everyone who really knows me knows I love all things Italian, such as the pasta, the wine and the mob. 

So why not do a theme night? Make/order some pasta or pizza or both. Some Italian wine, dress up really fancy – sundress for the lady, suit for the gent – then watch an Italian movie (The Godfather, The Irishman, The Goodfellas etc)  

This can happen with any other theme. Scary Halloween for kids or New Yorker style (oh yes the cheesecake, yummy!) 

7. Romantic Bath

This might sound obvious but in truth, many couples shower separately or have different schedules most of the day. So how about some self care and winding down with your significant other.  

Run a warm bath, throw some rose petals in there (remember the candles) some wine or whiskey – whatever you fancy – then just soak in. Talk about your day and touch each other. Again, you get my drift (wink) 

8. Cook Off Competition

I bet you can now tell that I love food just as much as dates.  That’s not the point though, a cook off competition would be interesting unless you have someone like my wonderful husband who cant boil water. Anyway, yes, have some ingredients ready, and do an episode of Chopped! (really good cooking show)  

What sort of dates do you like? Let me know, I’d love to try them. 

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